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An Interesting Idea for Fantage

Almost Perfect. Almost.

You know how Wizard 101 has official fan sites that have applied and been approved? And Wizard 101 also gives codes to their official fan sites to give out.

Fantage should do a similar thing; accept applications from bloggers that wish to be an official fan site, and Fantage can give those sites codes for stars, gems, ecoins, and maybe deluxe items(that you can’t trade or sell excluding at lucky Bob’s) to their fan sites to give away.

The codes, are of course, one time use, so people can’t just go posting it publicly on the internet and suddenly 100k people get that “deluxe” item.

The idea of making it no trade/sell is to prevent people from taking it from other accounts, and to make it seem more special.

Any opinions on this?

Note: Feel free to reblog this post in order to spread the idea! Maybe if enough people…

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Fantage Pick A Pet Contest!

Almost Perfect. Almost.


Special thanks to Legends of the Spiral (:

So I’m hosting another contest..for another Fantage I am playing too! Just for fun though..(:

This is the first time I am trying something new, so it might not go as planned, but lets see how far this goes. And it needs your participation to work(:

This contest will be at Fantage Sales! No, you don’t need to spend any money.

What you basically do:

Pick a pet for points. By May 31, whoever has the most points gets the prize.

Here is the link to the contest. You will get more information there:

Want bonus points? 

Here is how you get bonus points:

Like this post~ 20 points

Reblog this post~100 points


Follow this blog~ 100 points

Note: You will only be given the bonus points if you notify me by comment of which…

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I MET YARA_YARA!!!!!!!A FAMOUS HIGH LEVEL MEMBER IN FANTAGE IN THE SERVER…….ummm…..Jasmine Jaguar …..or Hazelnut Hedgehog.

First I found her in trade n sell but she hid to the corner  and left QUICK that I and my friend called Sam_12_12 wasn’t able to find her …we searched all around Fantage and we couldn’t find her anywhere and we searched everywhere and my friend said that he found her in front of hall of fame, she was with her friend who is called Dragon_iron who is a high level member just like Yara.

I took some pictures cuz I was bored xDDDD





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Fantage CoffeeMugs

Ok, so I’m having my first raffle! I think im going to do this bi-monthly, depending what items I have. Or I might do it every month. (its the 5th, Rose. Dont forget.) So, this is how its gonna work. Ill shove all the names into a randomizer, or put them in a hat or something.


First person: You can pick two items from the list.

Second: Pick another 

Third: You get whats left.

How entry is going to work:

1 entry: Comment below, “Im entered.

2 entrys: Reblog

2 entrys: Like

3 entrys: Get someone else to reblog (have them comment “___ got me to reblog!”

Thats all 🙂

10 entrys: Donate an account! I will also give you the pass to the “Awesome stuff for the observant page” ~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Instead of the red top, Its flower drop hair.

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